The changing role of media companies and its impact on societies and democracies

In today’s world, mobile and connected means global. It also means power – the power to instantly reach a switched-on and empowered network of users. Accessibility is a distinctive feature of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that brings all of us together to tackle universal humanitarian issues and innovate through sharing ideas.

Media and entertainment are right at the centre of this digital revolution, both as its driving force and an industry influenced the most by technological changes.

Tools that not long ago were media companies’ prerogative and gave them the ultimate power to shape views and beliefs through creating and distributing content, are now in the hands of millions of individuals worldwide. It’s an empowering opportunity, but it also poses a question whether we as a society have a robust regulatory framework to use these tools for greater good.

Ability to continuously adapt is not only a challenge for media businesses, but also for governments. Being mobile and connected enables citizens of the world to engage directly with opinion leaders, rather than institutions and its representatives, and challenge the notion of local and global when making important political, economical and environmental decisions.

Social media plays an important role in promoting our democratic rights, but it also creates a segregated environment that can be misused by those with significant capital.

We’ve talked to experts in social media, politics, media law and corporate responsibility from around the world to explore what, or who, is shaping the future of media.

Welcome to “That’s Entertainment! – Digital transformation, trust and influence in the new media landscape”.

The interviews were filmed with Mauro Silva, Senior Vice President, Modern Times Group, MTG, Helen Margetts, Director, Oxford Internet Institute, Professor of Society and the Internet, Alex Krasodomski-Jones, Digital Researcher CASM, Demos, Dunja Mijatović, International Human Rights Expert, Former OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Clara Henry, YouTuber, Comedian, Television Presenter and Author. Our Special Thanks to Ksenia Kolchina, Christian Toennesen, Andréa Elgeborn, Pauline Kinniburgh, and Matthew Hooper.

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