How can we create more connected, more livable cities?

Cities are constantly growing. In fact 1.4 million people move into cities every week, setting the stage for urban communities, worldwide, to drive real change in how we work, play and experience life. At CIVIQ, we understand how people connect every day.  Through our digital “people-centered” technology, we deliver an experience that creates stronger, more connected communities. This investment enables a better quality of life and is at the heart of our mission.

Even more, CIVIQ is focused on creating true value for residents and visitors.

We work every day to understand the needs we can meet, the problems we can solve, the genuine ways our technology makes life in a community easier, safer and more efficient.

Here’s how CIVIQ delivers value:

Providing Digital Access for All

Although every community is at a different stage of digital transformation, every person on the planet is seeing the benefits of faster, smarter, more inclusive digital communications. CIVIQ’s ability to reach disadvantaged communities, to help people that need jobs, health care or educational opportunities is at the core of digital technology that will move us all forward.

Our WayPoints help residents and visitors move around a city, providing up-to-date transit information, points of interest, and city happenings.

Our network is designed to strengthen safety across the community. We offer emergency calling and emergency notifications from weather alerts and traffic incidents to missing children. Our WayPoint network keeps the community in the know and up to date in times of crisis.

Creating Interactive Communication

Our digital, street level kiosks offer two-way communication with the city. Getting information and giving feedback is the best way to connect people to places, experiences and services, enabling cities to be more responsive and efficient.  Different from a mobile phone, CIVIQ’s WayPoints provide “right here, right now” location-based information and happenings.

Messaging on the screens can encourage citizens to vote, come to a town hall meeting or join in a city celebration.

It really is about connecting and interacting over and beyond just viewing a screen. This interaction changes the dynamic for cities and provides a useful way for residents to communicate back to the city.


Promoting Community Character

The smartest leaders understand the value of creating a community that is vibrant and growing. A community that attracts talent and resources to keep it prosperous and a community that is a fun, attractive place to visit. These are the places that are at the leading edge of technology and the ones that will enable a better quality of life. The digital experience CIVIQ offers is essential to engaging a community—a city, a university, a convention center—any venue where people want to know how to enjoy the experience a place can offer.  As leaders understand this value, they will work to adopt the technology.

The interview was filmed with Faye Barker, Business Correspondent of The Business Debate and Gerry Burns, President CIVIQ Smartscapes.

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