Building the Blueprint to Sustainable Agriculture

Falcon Coffees is a for-profit coffee trading company through which we express our values of Global Citizenship, with the mission of changing the way that coffee and other agricultural crops are traded.

We believe that poverty is the greatest hurdle to achieving sustainability in coffee.

By creating a transparent service platform that facilitates the relationship between farmer and consumer, we can change the culture of supply chains from the opaque trading cycles of buying low and selling high to one of shared equity and stewardship.

We do this through our business model of building Collaborative Supply Chains. In this model, we recognise everyone and every process required in the supply chain, identify the real costs and support a margin that is proportional to the value each participant adds.

Today, the $200 billion retail coffee industry continues to enjoy growth, driven by the specialty coffee sector, innovation in the single serve market and more recently, the rise of cold brew as a competitor in the ready-to-drink market.

This prosperous moment in time in the life-cycle of the retail coffee industry offers a unique opportunity to drive enormous socio-economic change and environmental stewardship across entire economies and continents.

The estimated 25 million smallholder farmers that form the base of the matrix upon which our entire industry relies, are part of a far larger group of equally vulnerable people: The 500 million smallholder farmers that grow 70% of the world’s staple food crops.

If we, as an industry, build business models that support sustainability in coffee supply chains, we will help build the blueprint to sustainable smallholder agriculture, thereby contributing to the challenge of global food security. That could be our legacy.

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